diego costa

Jose Mourinho and Diego Costa’s Challenge for Chelsea

Diego Costa’s physicality has good game that fit with Premiere League and it is what makes him look so good, and that this is why millions people watch the Premiere League. He has same role with Didier Drogba that has played for Chelsea before. Costa also figures to have more capability to control and keep the ball better than Chelsea’s stricker, since agen bola terpercaya Drogba leave the club in 2012.

Diego Costa has been sent to game against Arsenal on Saturday. In the game, he gave whack two times to Laurent Koscielny and shoved Gabriel. This act is self defense for what Gabriel did to him. Gabriel threw him to the ground. This incident happened during the game of Chelsea against Arsenal. The incident happens on Saturday afternoon and it is happen not for the first time. A few time ago, Costa received a three game ban and he got punished because of his reputation that hurt Chelsea when play game against Liverpool. The Football Association charges Costa because alleged violent.

Now, after the game, Mourinho, the Chelsea’s manager tells in the public that he defended Costa and calls Costa as the “man of the match” and suggesting anyone that does not like it can be act as a kid. As a manager of Chelsea, he has done his public part of the job to raise up his guy.

The big challenge for Mourinho is to make Costa understand that incident happened on the Saturday is not acceptable and it would influence his reputation and also give bad effect for Chelsea. The challenge for Costa himself is to make him become better player and drive himself to the positive activity. If he did not change his behavior, he would be in danger of facing suspension that can be more worst.

According to http://jencks.org Costa changes everything when Chelsea plays meet with Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. But it is made Mourinho makes some decision to make him become distinct in the game. He dropped John Terry, The Chelsea’s captain for the second straight game. That is a big call. He is a captain and has been in Chelsea almost two decades. The other big call is when he decides to play the other midfielder such as Ramirez, John Obi Mikel, even Ruben Loftus.

Because of the situation of the Chelsea that troubled, it can be a sign and opportunities for another club such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and also Manchester United that shows better game.

Real Madrid plays in progress because even Keylor Navas keep clean sheet on Saturday, he has not give up for all season in all competition. Madrid has goal that they will bothered further than they should have been by the opponent.

Barcelona’s manager, Luis Enrique use sort 4-2-1-3 formation with Sandro Ramirez, Neymar and Munir El Haddadi in the front, Lionel Messi behind, and Sergio Busquest and Ivan Rakitic Manning in the midfield. As the result, Barca won 4-1. For Messi, he missed penalty but he still can create two goals.

Tristan Thompson

Distraction to be the Champion

If you keep saying that championship never gets hard times on their life, you should get a life since moreover you know more about them, in every aspect, you are going to get several though about them. As well as Tristan Thompson who just done doing the contract negotiation with Instagram post on last Saturday night. He said with a high pitch voice about get the championship run done, or something, whether he also kept the confession that it was actually a distraction over them. Yet, he used to know and repeated the strengthen vow that the situation should be different, which it was actually a fortune and lucky thingy for both sides of the team. You know, you can count on him for along time to be favorite team after all since he kept saying that they were going through the storm, yet just happened stuffs, to be a team.
However, James and also Thompson has been caught to go into Todd Leebow’s wedding together since it can be concluded that both of them are mutual friends of Leebow. Therefore, it does not need to be questioned more on how can both of them can attended the wedding. In the other hand, another people and also friends of them would also know about their presence since they decided to erase the post on the social media, right after they spent the tine together on the majority of the day, special with Thompson. Yet, as well as he told to reporter on the last interview, that James actually cannot hold out about the Thompson’s wedding anymore where it should be the last time he spoke up about Thompson into media. Thus, the instagram post being posted by James was not meant to be a purposefully.
However, as if Thompson was telling into media that it probably his very last time to say up about James, rather than throw off his mind through social media, James prefer to not care about the negotiation process since they could make any deals and things naturally, as well as they want to, to be clearer, James told that it was not only mention about the NBA stuffs but more in another business, where he really want to expect more about the condition after all. James prefer to stay calm and let the time begins its work, proved by his passive movement whenever the negotiation just done. It was actually caused by the making deals and else are the things that should not be done by him, rather than people who on their business.
In the other hand, it has been almost a decade since the very first appearance of James on the game, in order to support the team. If you still remember, it was such a contentious bargaining period which took a long time, as well as period, to stand out the final statement. However, James also ever heard that only two teams which was affordable to pay him, actually, depend on his fee.

nao hibino

Nao Hibino Beat Donna Vekic in Tashkent Open

Tennis world of a Japanese newcomer named Nao Hibino able to beat Donna Vekic of Croatia 6-2 and 6-2 on Saturday to lead the final of the Tashkent Open.
New players from Japan is showing rapid game that made Donna Vekic to be overwhelmed by the challenger. While Donna Vekic calm seems increasingly seen not in play when the audience is also increasingly vociferous in the stadium Uzbekistan. As a player who was only 21 years old, Nao Hibino has been ranked number 117 of the world. Nao Hibino take mistakes that should not be done by Donna Vekic in the match, he was also able to serve for the match lasted long.
All eyes were stunned with a quick game of Nao Hibino at every stage that lasts. He could not believe able to sweep the entire game against Donna Vekic. At the end of the game itself gives a sign of respect to the loyal fans who have supported him in the tournament.
For Donna Vekic, this is a game that is very embarrassing because, according to the ranking that he occupied that rank 137 performed very disappointing. With these results, Donna Vekic must be satisfied to accept that rank should fall to 1 to 3 in the WTA final. When the year 2012 in the Malaysian Open, she won the tournament. For this match, this is her second appearance in the tournament Tashkent in the final round after he had suffered a defeat in the 2012 season ago when he had to fight against players from Romania named Irina Camelia Begu in the first set that he run straight.
As the day Saturday, a duet between Alexandra Panova and Margarita Gasparyan origin of the Russian State was able to win a double round with a score that can be achieved is 6-1 then 3-6, and 10-3 when the duo must fight the origin of the Russian Republic with Katerina players Siniakova and Vera Dushevina.
Nao Hibino able to embarrass the Croatian star that is shining and blessings on her first WTA title in Uzbekistan. Game attract much attention, because the dominance that he is able to create in every round he went through. While Donna Vekic that three years ago was also in the final defeated by Irina Camelia Begu and now he’s bad luck should also naturally against tennis player from Japan.
Nao Hibino has been able to get a 7 second-tier ITF tournament title and this time also became the first appearance in the final of the WTA Tour with a very bright and fabulous crowd. Key to success this time was fast game that is not able to face Donna Vekic. Humbly, Nao Hibino said he did not believe that it can win the tournament against senior in tennis.
Nao Hibino certainly is now the pride of the Japanese Tennis athletes because of the prominent achievements. He will train harder in the age that is still very young. Let’s wait how his impressive performances in the next tournament.

florida state

Florida State Against Wake Forest without David Cook

Florida state rule playoff at the last minute with a sweeping victory points 24-16 in the game this time. Players jersey number 11, which finally closed the match with an amazing. It can be said yesterday’s match was a bad game the player who is able to be presented by the Seminoles from the beginning of the game begins. Some stars such as David Cook wants his side back has a good performance as in a match that took him to be injured leg.
Sophmore star named Seminoles looks so confident with his performance at the beginning of the game by creating a touchdown on the field to the line 94. However, because the performance is not yet completely recovered from the injury of the left leg, the Seminoles finally had fallen in pain because her legs felt so ill. He was lying on the ground in the first half and could not continue the game for his team.
For Florida State, this victory is a victory FSU who can not be defeated by his opponent team. The bad news, who knows how long the Seminoles to be absent for the match due to the injury suffered. While David Cook, too. They still leaves five games left against teams Louisville, Miami, Tech, Clemson, Georgia, and Syracuse will come.
For Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher namely, his team played without David Cook who as a result of violations that happened will make things that are not good for FSU. 2 best players from the team that he should be absent in custody the next match due to injury and abuse. It appears that this is a tough season for FSU.
For Wake Forest, defeat them this time is a moment that recur as a result of the game Dave Clawson. Although at the beginning of the first round until the end of the round he played pretty well with a plus an offense. For the area of defense, their team is good enough just the opposing team better in terms of attacking. As a result of this defeat, Wake Forest will not appear in the ACC this season.
When the game, Wake Forest had reached Florida State defensive line on the line to 20. But unfortunately these efforts have not shown results. After Hinton had to drop amid the field, but Tyler Hunter trying to save that Wake Forest does not humiliated in this match.
In a match to 5, in whole Florida State is able to add a field for 94 points of the overall game. Capable scintillating game presented by Florida State to pamper their loyal viewers the club. So how Florida State is able to spend the remaining 5 games without 2 of their star players? Hopefully left leg injury suffered by the Seminoles able to get well soon so that can deliver best performance for the remaining matches. And hopefully David Cook quickly unpunished violations that he experienced. It seems that the game will be more exciting towards the end of the season.

rangers and angels

Reading Chance Victory of the Rangers and Angels

After completing an amazing match last week, leaving several matches to end a long season, the Texas Rangers must be prepared again against the Los Angeles “Angels” for next Saturday. Then, how the percentage for the Rangers to win the match ? They believe that they will win back the confidence of 99% of his Angels.
They will show an unexpected game to conquer the American League West until the end of the season is over. Rangers really needed a victory to win the trophy that they desire to have to lead the fourth inning with a run as many as 9 rounds. Then what about the possibility of Angels in this match? after they were able to print 5 innings of 9 rounds run, it seems impossible they are also able to snatch the victory. Just how business and the goddess of fortune stay with them.
Actually a lot of mutual risk, who will come out as the winner of the match saw them almost equal strength. See the map of power Rangers scored 5 points in the seventh inning to lead 10-6 and then it is certainly in the prediction game will be very exciting. Thus many have predicted that the Rangers would win with a percentage of 99%. Percentage of wins for the Angels drop to 52% with a home run in his subjects from Kole Calhoun and Erick Aybar in the last round yesterday.
With the release of Johnny Giavotella for the 4th time in RBI, the percentage of victory for the Rangers fell 16%. But with the decline in the percentage of Rangers win, not make them afraid in the face of the game against the Angels.Some people believe that it is impossible Angels going back to his win situation and map their strengths on paper. They have been left behind by 2-68 points in the final inning of the season yesterday. This indeed is a severe test for the Angels to escape from adversity points this season.
Towards the match this Saturday, the two teams have to train hard to be able to show their true canines. This seems to work for coach Angels and children care. For Josh Hamilton, who yesterday scored a home run multiple times does not make him flinch in the upcoming match. Rangers notch for this season should be fairly safe if the gap against the Angels who have points quite far away.
Mat Latos which is 6 pride Angels pitcher to have to work extra strong to be able to block the Rangers are usually often winning home run in each game. So do you think who will win the game for meetings between the Rangers and Angels on Saturday?
You can predict their own after seeing a map of the strength of the two teams that will compete. With extra hard workout, of course Angels will also be able to seize home run of Rangers tomorrow. On paper everything is possible, but on the pitch everything that will speak not? Wait for the result on Saturday.


Maria Sharapova returns at Wuhan Open after Got Injury

Maria Saraphova as the 1st number of the tennis player will be returns to show her action in Wuhan Open in China at September 27th, 2017 after got injury in her knee. She will returns after she absent from tennis for about three months. She got the wildcard and will come back in Wuhan Open in China. She was born on April 19th, 1987.

Sharapova is 28 years old now; she is still young and has much achievement. She got the first racquet in 1991 when she was four years old. She has started her carrier from six years old; she joined Martina Marvatilova tennis class in Moscow. Sharapova started to play tennis on November 2008, for the first achievement she has won the Junior Tennis Championship, at the moment she was 13 years old and it is very young and she can defeat the other players. It is her 14th birthday when Sharapova joined WTA tournament on April 19th 2002. She also reached the final of the girl’s single events at the competition on Australia and Wimbledon in 2002. Maria Sharapova started the competition with Australian Open, for the second, Sharapova began her action at the Brisbane International Airport, a Premier level tournament on the WTA Tour. Sharapova also become a winner after she faced Carla Suarez Navarro at the quarterfinal. In semifinal match she faced Elina Svitolina. In the final, Sharapova faced Ana Ivanovic.

Sharapova absent for the tennis match after got injury in their knee; she was break around three months. She comes back to tennis and joins the Wuhan Open begins on 27th September in China. Sharapova also join Wuhan open in 2014 and reach the third position. Sharapova got the wildcard into the WTA Premier event, can’t join the US open because of the injury of her knee. And after three months she can join the Wuhan Open in China. She is very looking forward to getting back on the match court in Wuhan Open. She has been work hard to compete in Wuhan Open because she had break for three months. She really enjoyed to joining Wuhan Open again after she joined the Wuhan 2014. She is very miss tennis after she breaks for three moths.

Although Saraphova still young, Sharapova has won much competition such as Wimbledon at 2004, the US open at 2006, the Australian Open at 2008, plus two French Open titles at 2012 and 2014. She is the first youngest girl who reaches the final of the Australian Junior Championship when she was 14 years old. Sharapova also reached the 6th position in ITF on October, 2nd 2002. Sharapova work hard to get the all of achievements. Although she has injury on her knee she still never gives up, after her injury she got the wildcard and join Wuhan Open in China. She still young but she has get much achievement, it can make her parents proud of her and make her to be the number one f the tennis player in the world.

james winston

James Winston Throws Cant Help Buccaneers

Sunday can be considered as a backward step for Jameis Winston a quarterback from Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At Carolina Panthers match which resulted in victory for them Winston threw four interceptions and manage to fumble a snap. Buccaneers eventually lost the game with 37-23 at James Stadium. On a day Winston mange to make 26 of 43 attempts in passing he manage to get 287 yards of passes and add it with two touchdowns. The point is resulted for Panthers side in the amount of 27 points. Florida State seems to show regression on the player production sine he have to make decision for situations in the previous two weeks. The Bucs understand that the pain would grow if they decide to put Winston name on the draft.
Winston name is drafted for first overall and the drafting will happened at April. The rookie still take this day as a bad day since they makes several throws against Josh Norman in the rain. Josh Norman is a player at cornerback with lots of opportunity but these combinations doesn’t seem to make the situation better. Winston struggles are happened against the rival in the division. This battle development would concern the Bucs situation that makes current score at 1-3. His profile will be painted with inconsistency since the last Sunday opportunity is passed with few positives. A chance to get their first factory at home under the coaching that made by Lovie Smith are failed. This result also make Bucs fail to achieve the second win at NFC South. On that day lots of opportunities are missed. Kyle Brindza missed two field goals as kickers. Attempt at the offense are failed to be established and consistent flow can’t be achieved.
Jacksonville Jaguars match at the next Sunday should end in victory since they would need to make stability in the season situation. Questions are raised about the lack of attempt that made by Bucs during the second quarter. People see this opportunity but Bucs doesn’t seem wants to use it. This situation is quite disappointing for fans. At 16 second before the end they already at 24 yard line but they didn’t made and attempt for touchdown. They make two short passes and it ends at failing attempt at 29 yards by Brindza.
Doug Martin gives a good performance in this game as running back. He get 106 rush with 20 caries which result in one touchdown. This is a nice attempt for recovery and he eventually limited by 46 yards lower than the previous game at Houston last week. Bucs capability for kickers is a real mess. Smith is available to cover for Brindza the rookie. It is something that been expeted after the performance that Tampa Bay should look for another option. Brindza performance on Sunday allows him to take 1 score from 3 attempt and they also miss some extra points along the way. Mike Evans the wide receiver thinks that they would have a better opportunity if they go against the Panther.

england u 21

England Not Enough Clinical to the EURO 27 Qualifications

EURO 2017 will be held on 16 to 30 June 2017, it is the big match of the countries in European, all of the countries to be the winner of the EURO 2017, if they can to be the winner, they will be exist in the history and become popular football teams. EURO 2017 is the 21st edition of the EUFA European competitions under 21 years old. The teams that compete in the EURO 2017 have been selected by EUFA on 26 January 2015. England also the country that wanted to join this competition, but English not enough clinical to enter the EURO 2017 Qualifications, as the manager of England Mark Sampson said that they were not enough clinical to compete in the EURO 2017, if they want be compete with the top teams, they should more clinical. He said that after the lionesses beat Estonia in the 2017 qualifying match with 8-0 as the score. They should more clinical and high competence to face the top world teams. The world teams will be the enemies of England and they should try hard to defeat them.

Danielle Carter as the Arsenal Striker, 22 years old said to that they use hat-trick on scored to face English in the tournaments in the debut game in the Tallin. They also said that they have chance away these trick¸ and they develop the ability of the teams. The cooperation in team is very important to bring the team to the successful. They also always get more score because they more clinical when they face the top world’s teams. If they have good cooperation in team, they will reach the winner.

England may be not clinical enough when they face the other teams so that they get lower score and not qualify on the EURO 2017. However Simpson said that Carter was not prepare from the all criticism and Dan have clinical of their opportunity and feel confidence when they play. She also said that how often the get more score with hat-trick in the England debut, they will remembered by the people if they can be the champion and also they will in the history book at the football match, they will reached their popularity which will shouted by the people around world who loves football.

The England’s Group seven opponents are England which has fifth world ranking, Belgium has 28th world ranking, Serbia has 46th world ranking, Bosnia-Herzegovina has 71st world ranking, and Estonia has 77th world ranking. Before the match, Sampson had said that they will lucky if they can be the winner of EURO 2017 tournaments. Before that they get bronze at the summer’s World Cup in Canada. But although the goals team and the distance for Estonia in Monday night, they admit that they have to work in teams if the goal of them is they want to reach the first trophy. Every team want to get the trophy, it is very important for the team to get it after they join this match.

lewis hamilton

Lewis Hamilton will be Back to the Race

Lewis Hamilton has give promise to the audience that he will come back to the race after him absent to be the champion in the race in Singapore. He as the Mercedes group has said that he will come back to the race and he will give the best effort to the next race. Hamilton has been defeated by Vettel in the Singapore race. In the previous race, he had won seven races from the twelve races, but he had fifth position behind Vettel in the race in Singapore. But before it he was in fourth position in the beginning of the race until he had problem when he almost to be the winner. He felt when he keeping the speed and something happen with the engine, with three racers in front of him. He didn’t know why it happens to him and Vettel drives slowly to keep the speed and control the tires in the fourth laps left. So, he can defeat Hamilton who can’t control his tires. Finally Hamilton can’t to be the winner and he should work hard to return his winner to the next race although it is very hard for him. He also surprised that they were not the champion and they can’t answer that question.

Hamilton should be tries hard to bring his team to Suzuka. The Japanese Grand Prix is still available to show that he will return their winner. Vettel as their enemy said that they will look for themselves to hit the Mercedes group and give maximum effort to won the race but if this not changes he will not mind because he has fair play and he does not expected to be the winner. Vettel said that he will give maximum effort to be the champion although it is impossible. Vettel hopes, they will be the champion of the race and can defeat Mercedes.


Rosberg as the Mercedes group recognize that they still confuse why the accident happen to the Hamilton. He said that they didn’t know why the engine get problem and when Hamilton lower his speed they can’t control the tires, and the worst he felt and does not get the champion position and also failed to get the trophy. Every racer wants this trophy and Hamilton almost got the trophy but he felt in the last laps left. Hamilton will be trying hard to bring his team to go to Japanese Grand Prix, although it is very hard for him to return their winner and get the trophy.

They should more attention with the condition of the cars and the tracks to keep stable. They are very hope they can changes become the best in the next race and to be the champion. Mercedes F1 Toto Wolff said that we can’t write and say something at once time, but on the other side we can’t conclude that Mercedes is frighten condition now and they were very worry. They will be solved the problem as fast as they can.

tristan thompson

The Long negotiation of Tristan Thompson’s Dissent Contract

NBA fans, especially Cavaliers fans, are waiting for the latest news of Tristan Thompson new contract. Only a week left, the training camp will start, but the talks have not shown the result, whether his contract with Cavaliers will be extended. Thompson, who is still restricted free agent, tries to worth his market value higher than Cleveland Cavaliers’ offering. But, the team doesn’t seem to agree with their player’s wants, spend more money to get his signature in the contract agreement.

Cleveland Cavaliers is persistent on their business offering to Thompson, that they will only pay $ 80 million for his next five years contract. Thompson, the team forward, demands for a maximum deal of $ 94 million over the same span. This gap of $ 14 million leads to the contract dispute since early July, the talks have been at a virtual standstill. There doesn’t seem any optimism on each side to the contract deal.

Cavaliers offers an alternative deal to Thompson, if there is no deal reached by the end of this week, he may sign a one-year contact of $ 6.9 million to become an unrestricted free agent next year. Even though, his agent, Rich Paul said if Thompson signs the one-year qualifier, he will not re-sign with the Cavs long-term in 2016. It is not a big deal to sign a one-year qualifier, about twenty NBA players also signed for it. Then, only Spencer Hawes re-signed with his team, Philadelphia 76ers, the following year. And, actually, this case doesn’t push Paul to stand on the cliff; it is already common for Paul to deal a one-year qualifier in his business. Thompson is not the only one of his clients signing this kind of deal, Kevin Seraphin last season with the Washington Wizard and Norris Cole with the New Orleans Pelicans last week are two other of Paul’s clients dealt with one-year qualifier.

Besides Cavaliers fans, a one wish Thompson still stays in Cavaliers, LeBron James. James has a close relationship with Thompson, and they also share an agent. He thinks that Thompson should finish his career as a Cav, but he said that he stayed out of the negotiations. He gave no any comment on social media for it. Unlike what he did on the case of another Paul client, Eric Blesdoe, when he was in contract stalemate with the Phoenix Suns. James interfered the business through comments on social media, he urged the Phoenix Suns to make a deal on Blesdoe. Then, they finally dealt with the contract of $70 million just before the start of training camp.

In his first season with Cavaliers, Thompson finished the season with averages of 8.2 points and 6.5 rebounds in 60 games. Last season, Thompson solidified his place as one of the best offensive rebounders in the league, averaging 8.5 points and 8 rebounds per game. There remains hope the scenario of this contract negotiation will bring beneficial result for both sides, to perform well for the audiences.

anthony bennet

Anthony Bennett and Timberwolves Reach the Buyout Deal

Minnesota Timberwolves decided to release the No.1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA draft, Anthony Bennett. It is not more than a year since the contract signed, the ties between Bennett and Timberwolves should be cut, when Bennett’s performances are not the expectation of Minnesota, as the result of the bunch of money they spend for get him in the squad. The decision would give the Timberwolves an extra roster spot and added flexibility of salary cap. Minnesota paid $ 22.6 million for Bennett’s three years contract to the team.

Bennett moved to the Minnesota in 2014, as the part of the Kevin Love transfer deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The agreement dealt that Kevin Love was transferred to the Cleveland, while the Timberwolves 2014 No.1 overall pick, Andrew Wiggins, and also Anthony Bennett was transferred to Timberwolves. As the No.1 overall pick by Cavaliers in 2013, Bennett was quite shocking Cavaliers, when he immediately struggled with his weights and injuries. In Timberwolves, Bennett, a 6-foot-8 forward, appeared in 57 games last season, averaging 5.2 points and 3.8 rebounds per game. Nevertheless, Bennett has shown his contribution to the team, became a potential serviceable forward.

In his last time for Timberwolves, Bennett has agreed on a contract buyout with the club. Bennett has to clear waivers in the next 48 hours to become an unrestricted free agent. Bennett cannot compete more with another players in Minnesota to get the main position in the match, he was stuck behind the other players. By the move, Bennett through his representative said that he wants to pursue his career elsewhere, where he may get the important position in team, to get the chance to develop his skills and satisfy his fans. An athlete may depreciate his capability while there is no more trust from the management to get away from the player bench and perform in the match. If Bennett clears the waivers, a new team can negotiate its own deal with him, without intervention of Timberwolves. The unrestricted free agent deal is expected by Bennett management to be an attractive deal offering to transfer market in NBA.

Bennett is the first Canadian to be drafted number one overall in NBA draft, he is also a member of the Canadian men’s national basketball team. Before he was listed on 2013 NBA draft, Bennett played for his college University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in college basketball league. Bennett has a good track record on his contribution to his national basketball team, helped Canada win bronze medals for 2009 FIBA Americas Under-16 Championship and 2010 FIBA Under-17 World Championship. Then, in 2015 Pan American Games, Bennett helped the national team to win silver medal, after win over United States in the Semi-final, and lost in the final to Brazil. Bennett wishes his performance would be good both in the national team and his future NBA team. The question raises after the contract buyout deal, is which NBA team would be his next stop to.