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Jose Mourinho and Diego Costa’s Challenge for Chelsea

Diego Costa’s physicality has good game that fit with Premiere League and it is what makes him look so good, and that this is why millions people watch the Premiere League. He has same role with Didier Drogba that has played for Chelsea before. Costa also figures to have more capability to control and keep the ball better than Chelsea’s stricker, since agen bola terpercaya Drogba leave the club in 2012.

Diego Costa has been sent to game against Arsenal on Saturday. In the game, he gave whack two times to Laurent Koscielny and shoved Gabriel. This act is self defense for what Gabriel did to him. Gabriel threw him to the ground. This incident happened during the game of Chelsea against Arsenal. The incident happens on Saturday afternoon and it is happen not for the first time. A few time ago, Costa received a three game ban and he got punished because of his reputation that hurt Chelsea when play game against Liverpool. The Football Association charges Costa because alleged violent.

Now, after the game, Mourinho, the Chelsea’s manager tells in the public that he defended Costa and calls Costa as the “man of the match” and suggesting anyone that does not like it can be act as a kid. As a manager of Chelsea, he has done his public part of the job to raise up his guy.

The big challenge for Mourinho is to make Costa understand that incident happened on the Saturday is not acceptable and it would influence his reputation and also give bad effect for Chelsea. The challenge for Costa himself is to make him become better player and drive himself to the positive activity. If he did not change his behavior, he would be in danger of facing suspension that can be more worst.

According to http://jencks.org Costa changes everything when Chelsea plays meet with Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. But it is made Mourinho makes some decision to make him become distinct in the game. He dropped John Terry, The Chelsea’s captain for the second straight game. That is a big call. He is a captain and has been in Chelsea almost two decades. The other big call is when he decides to play the other midfielder such as Ramirez, John Obi Mikel, even Ruben Loftus.

Because of the situation of the Chelsea that troubled, it can be a sign and opportunities for another club such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and also Manchester United that shows better game.

Real Madrid plays in progress because even Keylor Navas keep clean sheet on Saturday, he has not give up for all season in all competition. Madrid has goal that they will bothered further than they should have been by the opponent.

Barcelona’s manager, Luis Enrique use sort 4-2-1-3 formation with Sandro Ramirez, Neymar and Munir El Haddadi in the front, Lionel Messi behind, and Sergio Busquest and Ivan Rakitic Manning in the midfield. As the result, Barca won 4-1. For Messi, he missed penalty but he still can create two goals.

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Christian Benteke: Another Liverpool’s Injury Problem

Liverpool is still out of the fortune, after the match against Norwich City last Sunday. A point for draw result of the match, only bring them to the 13th position on Premier League table. One of top clubs in English Premier League is expected to perform much better than the last season. Brendan Rodgers almost lost the trust from liverpudlian, the fans of Liverpool FC. Last season, he just led The Reds to the 6th position in the English Premier League, a fatal failure to bring the squad to the big four ranks, after failed to be the champion defeating Chelsea. Reaching more victory points to escape from worse rank is the only way for the manager to save his credibility.

Releasing a list of players from their squad such as their legend, Steven Gerrard to LA Galaxy, and other players such as Raheem Sterling to Manchester City, The Reds arranged their new formation by signed new contracts for transferred players such as Nathaniel Clyne from Southampton, Christian Benteke from Aston Villa, and Danny Ings from Burnley. Unfortunately, this reformation didn’t seem success showing the result yet. Sunday (09/20), in Anfield stadium, Daniel Sturridge and friends dominated the game, many goal opportunities resulted, but they can’t defeat the Norwich goalkeeper, who saved his team. Christian Benteke assisted James Milner in first half-game, but the ball was still handled by Ruddy, Norwich goalkeeper. As a new transferred player, Benteke was failed to contribute a score and show his best performance to the manager.

On the half-time, Benteke was sitting on the player bench; he was replaced by another new transferred player, Danny Ings. Ings just needed four minutes to shoot a goal defeating Ruddy; he was assisted by Alberto Moreno. Even though, Norwich suddenly scored a goal to make the equal score for both team, through a kick from Russel Martin. The match was not only unfortunate story for Liverpool and their fans, but it shocked Christian Benteke too. The new young man in Liverpool squad should get the pain that he disappointed Liverpool and Rodgers, for paying £ 32,500,000 of Liverpool cash to transfer him this season. A worry to be untrusted by the manager is not the only Bentake’s problem this week. Besides that, Bentake also got trouble from the match, he injured on his hamstring. And, the club says the striker will have hamstring scan immediately.

Bentake is not the only Liverpool player getting injury, another player who gets injury is Jordan Henderson, the team captain. He broke a bone in his foot in training on Friday, one of coaching personnel, Gary McAllister , tried to ensure that everything will be well with Henderson’s injury operation, although he is predicted to miss the matches up to eight weeks. Even, Daniel Sturridge, who played for the last match against Norwich City, also just recovered from injury. But, McAllister believed that their players such Ings who deserved for his goal last Sunday, will lead the club to the rapid improvement.


Anthony Martial’s Impact for Manchester United

There is nothing impossible. These words are very compatible to figure Anthony Martial, a French football player. He can create many amazing achievements in his youth age. He had played for Lyon in 2013 and had transferred to AS Monaco in 2013 until 2015. He also had played in many team just years before so he has many experiences in playing football. Now, he plays in Manchester United with highest fee for teenager in the football history. He joins Manchester United with number 9 on 1 September 2015 and starts his new career there with €36 million for his fee and it is potentially rising.

Some Manchester player feel doubt if he is better than they had before. That is because they had not ever heard Anthony Martial’s name before. But, when he arrived from Monaco with huge fee, they were surprised and they will work as a team with him.

The first time Martial joining Manchester United, that would be very difficult to impress his new teammates. As personal, they may welcome to the new comer but in the other hand, the team members usually put the new comer under the pressure. That is because they will see how he can handle and stay with the condition like that or if he can improve the team. Martial had made similar impact as Januzaj as does when he join first-team training in 2013. Martial looks impressing in his training that is very rare for young player can make impression in the first training he does. All members of Manchester United hope that he really can do the great play in the real match as he does in the training. Jordi Cruyff, a player that ever played for Manchester United thinks that sometimes player standouts in practice and cannot repeat the same act in the game, but Martial show that he can does it well.

His appearance in Manchester United brings this phenomenal club in the better scorer and make this club rises in the popularity. Who knows that the appearance of this young man will make Manchester United having a great play at Southampton. He appeared like a hero at that time, he scored twice and win 3-2. It was a great achievement that he had created as a new member of Manchester United. Actually, Manchester United players were not surprised by Martial’s goals at that time because they have known that he has been training exceptionally and impressing with his strength.

Manchester United improves and grows the game because Martial takes the important role to create a goal. His appearance in the United brings lucky for the club and he is become a star for Manchester United. There is a question why his French compatriot and former Monaco manager, Arsene Wenger did not pick him up for Arsenal and play a great game for this club. Now, Martial plays for Manchester United and gives glory to the United. He entertains the fans and improves United with his great goals.

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Women’s Tennis star: Sania Mirza

Mumbai: Sania Mirza is one of the best Tennis star in India. She has won some Tennis champions. On Monday, Sania Mirza stated that she confining herself in playing doubles. This means that for uncountable times, she does not want to play double in Tennis. There are some reasons behind that. However, she just tells that her physical condition is not that good. Thus, she needs to repair herself first before playing double. Besides that, she experienced a mentally draining affair. These reasons who make Mirza do not want to play double. She told that to play a game in double format is not easy. She should play 25 weeks in each year. She felt that for mentally, this is tough. She had been told the Cricket club of Indian.

Sania has won US Open double with Swiss partner. She told us about how it is hard to play non-stop to the circuit. She felt that to peak for Slams is very tough. She felt that the hardest thing to do is mentally. She told us about the matches. “I have played for six matches and close to 50 with martina”. Actually, the chemistry of partner in the field is not that essential. However, it is needed. Sania said that “We do not need to be best friend, however the chemistry is important”. This means that although you and your partner is not a friend, but you need to have chemistry in the field. This will help them to pull through. This was happened in Wimbledon. Sania add that, they should trust each other. Trust about the skill that they have.

Sania and Martina is good for each other. This means that in the field they are a good team. Although Sania is number one and Martina is number two in individual rank, however they are number one rank in the world. This showed that although there is difference between you and the partner, there is always way to win the game. However Sania also stated that although you have won for some games, however you cannot win for all. In other word, you may lose something. You cannot have all the champions. What you need just trust of your partner then build the chemistry.

What should be emulated from Sania and Martina is about trusting. They trust each other about their skill. They trust that may be they will win the game. However, people cannot have the all games. Sometime they just miss one or two games. However, they have a good trust. In each game, they told that they come to the arena to win the game. This will give the additional spirit for them. Sania stated that she have played for singles in 8 years. Her body gave up because of the bad injuries and operation. Then, the larger things opened up. Although Sania was disappointing about lose in doubles, however she has been believed. She stated that “ people have their day off, it is time to move on”.